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First Grade Prep (July 6-24)

Virtual Summer Enrichment Grades K-12 / Summer-Virtual Enrichment (Grades K-6) -
Summer 2020

First Grade sets a fabulous foundation for students' lifelong love of learning. With the recent events, many students will have five months of learning at home between kindergarten and first grade. What better way to bridge that time than with a summer First Grade Prep Camp! This class is designed to help children make the transition into a first-grade environment in a friendly, safe, and fun setting. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities that include reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. We will have a special adventure that will start each day with a zoom meeting. The students will then have extension activities and projects each day that kids can work on at home. We hope you join us for this exciting time of learning and establishing the groundwork for a life-long love of learning.

Instructor - Sue Jeffer

Materials-Supplies for the class: We decided not to require a supply fee for materials this summer since kids will be learning remotely. We will have a supply list and packet for you before class starts. In the packet it will have materials that we will have pre printed for you for the class. We will also have a supply list for you to gather things at home to use for zoom meetings or daily extension activities. The list will consist of everyday things like tape, string, paper plate, paperclips, ect.. If you don’t have an item like a paper clip on hand for the week, please feel free to utilize another item. This is a great opportunity to learn about innovation and creativity. (This can be a great learning experience in itself that I highly encourage). Digital activity sheets will be available for printing. If you need assistance with printing activity sheets, refer to the “Enrichment Packet Printout” question within the registration process.

Tech Needed-We will use Zoom in our daily meetings from 12:30-1:30 am. They will be 1 hour each followed by 2 hours of extension activities ideas that will be provided for you to do offline. We will send a recurring zoom meeting code and password that will be sent to you before class starts. We will also send out a list of norms that can help your student start the class off successfully. This includes having a space for them to work, like the kitchen table. Having supplies ready and knowing how to turn on/off the microphone on the zoom meeting. Google Classrooms will also be utilized.

Office hours-with the teacher will be available at your convenience. I know many families have schedules that fluctuate with work and family. Therefore, I do not have one set time each day for office hours. I will be flexible to make those times available when it works with your schedule.

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  Sue Jeffer

Online Course
Mon-Fri, Jul 6 - Jul 24
12:30 - 1:30 PM


Grades   K

Price: $ 149 00

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