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7th Grade Jumpstart Transition Camp July (AM)

Enrichment Summer / Summer - Adults & Teens (Grade 6 - Adult) / Academics, Jumpstart, STEM, Social & Study Skills -
Summer 2021

Jumpstart is a three day camp focused on making the transition from elementary to middle school as positive, exciting and productive as possible. It will teach students study skills, organization and goal setting and will train them in identifying bullying, handling difficult situations and coping with stress. They will learn the layout of the middle school campus, how to read their schedules and what to expect on a typical middle school day. The students will have the opportunity to create videotaped skits that will be used in future years to answer questions, dispel myths and calm fears about life in middle school. It is hoped that each student will come away from this camp with skills and ability to choose a leadership role in maintaining and excellent learning environment at their school. As a Reminder, the first 2 days of class run till 12:00 Noon and the last day runs till 12:30 PM.

Sonoran Trails Middle School
Mon Jul 26, Tue Jul 27 & Wed Jul 28
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   6th

$ 95.00
Per Student

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