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Driving MBA - Driving Fundamentals Package (Single Student Enrollment/Option 1)

Enrichment School Year / Cactus Shadows High School Enrichment -
School Year 2021-2022

The Driving Fundamentals Package is for students with little to no driving experience. A student does not need to have their permit to begin this program, however, their permit eligibility should be within a month of starting the program. If a student has a permit and has done “some” driving with parents, they are still novice and eligible for this program. The package includes:

  • Four 2 hour lessons (8 hrs. total) in the Driving Fundamentals Simulation Lab on site. In this lab students learn how to drive in a safe and controlled environment where they are led by an instructor and learning hand and foot control, steering control, making turns, lane position, lane changes, getting on and off of freeways and more.

2 hourOn-line Responsibility of Driving Class. This class is designed to help young people understand the significant responsibility that driving is and to learn more about the consequences of poor choices behind the wheel.

4 hours - Coaching Class for parents or guardians(2 Zoom Classes + 1 on-line class) – Mandatory when testing This course is designed for anyone that will be practicing with students. It is done in two live zoom meetings and an on-line course. It is very helpful for parents to level expectations. DrivingMBA’s philosophy is to partner with parents and this course provides parents and guardians information on teenage driving as well as useful tips to become better coaches while practicing with students.

  • Below are on-road options. If you choose the “Multiple Student Enrollment,” two students must enroll at the same time and will not be placed on the schedule until both are registered. You have the option of 1 student in the vehicle or a 6 hr. option where two students are in the vehicle and they will rotate driving and being an active observer. On-road lessons are 2 hours in length.
  • If you choose the 10 hour option, it is 1:1 with a student and we will administer DrivingMBA’s comprehensive on-road evaluation. If the student passes, the test at the MVD is waived. We make no guarantees that a student will pass the final exam. In order to pass DrivingMBA’s evaluation, it is necessary for the student to practice what they are learning. That and more is covered in the Coaching Class for parents.

  MBA Driving - Maria Wojtczak , Maria Wojtczak

Cactus Shadows High School
Mon-Fri, Jan 14 - May 31
11:59 AM - 11:59 PM


Ages   15 yr. 6 m - 99 yr.

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