2853/2954 Supplementary Math Skills (July 08-26)

2853/2954 Supplementary Math Skills

This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra ½ and/or to provide skill remediation to students who have not successfully completed Algebra ½. Students will receive practice in math fluency (math facts, fractions, decimals, and number sense) and will practice skills necessary for success in Algebra ½ including an introduction to the use of variables as a tool in the study of functions. Emphasis is placed on the development of equation solving and graphing techniques for both linear and quadratic equations. Additional concepts introduced at this level include exponents, polynomials, radicals, and rational functions. Curriculum is designed to prepare for student success in Algebra 1/2 and is aligned with both national and state math standards. Student will receive a .5 high school elective credit. Instructor: James Marando

Pre-Requisites: 8th grade math and an AzMerit score of 1 or 2, or unsuccessful completion of Algebra ½ and/or an AzMerit score of 1 or 2. 

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  James Morando

Cactus Shadows High School : 908
Mon-Fri, Jul 8 - Jul 26
8:00 AM - 2:30 PM


Grades   8th - 9th

Price: $ 260 00

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