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  • Elementary Spanish 1 (Introductory, self-paced) Grade K-5/January-May

    Self-paced. Lifetime access. One price for the whole family (not per student). 15-week introductory online Spanish course for kids! 2-3 classes per week (at your own pace) with vocab lists, PDF printable worksheets and quizzes with answer keys, and online activities, flashcards, and games! Through games, songs, stories, and more students will learn the basics of conversational Spanish. Some topics included: Introductions/Greetings, Feelings, Colors, Days of Week, Months, Counting, Age, Likes/Dislikes, Alphabet, Weather, Seasons, Sports, and More! Taught by the owner and founder of Sarah's Spanish School, Ms. Sarah. Includes BONUS cooking classes, craft classes, and more! Because the class is self-paced, you may enroll anytime during from now to the end of the spring semester to gain access to the 15-week curriculum.