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  • ECS Community Prevention Forum: Internet Safety for Parents CSHS

    This presentation will cover a wide range of topics such as cyber bullying, sexting and online predators. It will inform parents about popular social media platforms. The presentation will also cover the topic of sexting and the laws pertaining to the internet in Arizona. It will also encourage parents to communicate the dangers of talking with people online to their children. Presented by: Lyamide May By registering for this forum, your R.S.V.P. will be submitted. Thank you for your interested.
  • FocusedKids Parent Presentation

    Dear CCUSD parents, Please join us for a short presentation on the FocusedKids program. All preschool classrooms and various Kindergarten through first grade classrooms in the CCSUD are learning about their brains and how to be in charge of them! See what they are learning and how they are using it to develop the self-regulation skills that are foundational to other learning. Meet the brain parts: Prefrontal Cortex (Wise Owl) Hippocampus (Ms. Elephante) Amygdala (Guard Dog) Guess which one is in charge most of the time in the 3-4 year-old brain? Now, guess which one can help with meltdowns, resilience, and learning? Join us for this fun lesson in neurodevelopment and how to support healthy brain growth in children from grades PreK-3. Your kids love this stuff, and so will you! Childcare provided. In the registration notes, please note the family member names that will be attending and the ages of the children who need childcare. 11/19/19 - 6:30-7:30 p.m. - District Office, Governing Board Room - Fee: $36 per family.
  • Self-Defense for Teens & Adults CSHS Spring

    “Self-Defense” is the learning of self-awareness, intelligent decision making combined with interpersonal combative skills for individuals. Learn practical and intelligent skills that promote integrity, respect, focus, discipline, self-control and improve your self-confidence. These skills can also help to improve physical fitness, mental health and well being and possibly save a life. Over a six week period, this course will cover practical concepts and principles of how to apply science and psychology to real world, interpersonal, combative scenarios. These skills can be adapted to both men and women of all ages regardless of experience or physiology. Individuals will learn how to recognize pre-contact threat cues, fear management skills, confrontation management control tactics, defensive strategies and force delivery techniques. Give yourself the opportunity to become more aware and more confident!