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  • DFYT - Build-A-World (Stage Craft)

    Build-a-World is our youth theater arts expo and a precursor to one of our youth shows. Kids will research the upcoming show and then with the guidance of our resident designer, the kids will design and build an interactive, immersive and sensory art exhibit of actual set pieces that will be used in the show once it hits the stage! This is unique in that the camp and the show set are created using recycled materials. We educate the kids on how to research, design and build as well as the importance of recycle and re-use. Create Art! Not waste!
  • DFYT - Imps: Improv Class Foothills Community Foundation

    Improvisation helps an actor develop intuition. Improv lets your brain think without you thinking about thinking! It requires one to be spontaneous in decision making, learn to work as a team to achieve a goal, and simultaneously force the actor to be more specific and detailed with their actions and speech. This class helps actors become more conscious of spatial and body awareness. Let us light a fire to the imagination! Our instructors have extensive training and experience with improv and will ensure this class is not only informative, it is fun!
  • DFYT - Reel Deal ECS/District Office

    The “Reel Deal” is a comprehensive study of film making that allows students to get an overall idea of what it takes to create a film. From pre-production to distribution, this class focuses on giving the students a well-rounded understanding of the intricate world of the silver screen and the business behind the making of some of our favorite films! As an introductory course, this class will teach you about the various areas of filmmaking, the process of producing a movie, and how to get it seen by the masses! This unique experience teaches students the entire process from screenwriting to acting. The understanding of the entire industry helps each member do a better job at his/her particular part! Each class teaches film terminology, cast and crew responsibilities, and everything that goes into making a film from pre-production to distribution. The focus will be on teaching the basic skills to create a vision, which will turn into a collaborative and entertaining piece of art. This Course Covers… This Course Covers… Film Terminology Producing a Film Creating a Screenplay Storyboarding The Gear and the Crew Auditioning for Film Pre-Production Production and Tricks of the Trade Post Production and Editing Screening your film and distribution The most exciting part of this class is that we will be producing a short film! If students have a smart phone with video capabilities, they should bring that to class. No other equipment needed. Final day will feature the “film” created by the class. Items Needed: Bring a Smart Phone if have one, but not necessary Instructor: Dakota Kuhlman
  • DFYT - We Call It Acting Foothills Community Foundation

    Four Hours Every Friday Evening. That’s the time our instructors will use to play theater games, work on some fun art projects with your kids, and more - giving you some time on Friday nights before the holidays kick in!