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  • Building Bonanza! Science and Creativity Camp (July)

    A summer of adventure, learning, creating, & destroying awaits! Immerse your kids in an environment where creativity and imagination rules the day! Let our team of brick-master coaches (aka: our teachers) guide your children through super fun LEGO-based building challenges that will develop skills in math, science, engineering, computers, robotics, animation, art, teamwork, and communication! Time will fly for your little ones as they're immersed into this learning-focused but exciting, fun, and creative environment! During an average day they might find themselves: - Working with teammates on engineering projects, like building table catapults or learning how to make a car's transmission and gear differential out of LEGO. - Teach a LEGO robot how to navigate an obstacle course, and then in teams, build obstacle courses for other teams' robots to master. - Race LEGO gravity-powered race cars one day, rubber band powered ones the next day, and the day after, use battery-powered motors and newfound knowledge on gears to try and out-do each other! - Write, film, and direct in their own Stop Motion Animation movie, just like the LEGO movie, and we'll put it on YouTube afterwards for all their friends and family to see! The year features new and updated activities for kids who've been to past year's camps. We can't wait to see you and your kids at Building Bonanza!Bonanza contact info: 480-658-0515,
  • Discovery Camp (July)

    This camp is specifically for the little campers (must have completed at least one year of preschool through kindergarten). The children’s days will include Music Movement and literature of familiar authors such as Eric Carl, Don Wood and more. Circle time, structured and unstructured play will include discovery centers based on individual student’s interests, messy mediums, social stories, making new friends and having fun! Please provide an unrefrigerated lunch from home with a snack or two and drinking water each day. Instructor: Heather Bicknell