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  • Bonanza Educational - Amazing Lego Engineering DWES

    Power up your LEGO bricks in the Amazing LEGO Engineering after-school club! Using the advanced LEGO Technic parts and some extra supplies like rubber bands, and ping pong balls, and more, we’ll build clever functional models that do exciting things. Inventive projects will do things that dash, dive, zip, whiz, whirl, and more while helping us explore STEM skills including how the six classical machines form the foundation of every modern machine. Some projects will even include the use of LEGO Technic Power Functions powered motors. Leave your LEGO at home, we’ll supply everything you need. No take-home projects. Parent’s guide for at-home activities will be available. For grades 2nd+ (in Fall), 1st+ (in Spring).
  • Chess Emporium DWES (January)

    Chess Emporium Scholastic Program offers youngsters from Kindergarten through 6th grade a chance to learn about chess. Many of our students have gone on to rank in the top 50 nationally! Studies by major corporations and universities have shown that chess can help students increase their math and verbal skills, as well as their creative and critical thinking skills. Come join the club! Students learn quickly. Beginners are welcome. To learn more about Chess Emporium, Enrollment is open till 2/23/20 but class fees are not prorated for late starts. visit www.chessemporium.com or call (602) 482-4867.
  • Dancing Sun Yoga DWES Fall 2

    Enriching the lives of youth through yoga inspired movement and meditation.Children are natural yogis because of their “live in the moment” attitude and ability to embrace the present. Dancing Sun Yoga helps students improve their focus, concentration, and stress management while having fun and increasing their physical fitness. Incorporating the body, mind, and breath, students will improve their balance, flexibility, and overall well-being. Dancing Sun classes are interactive and engaging, and students are continuously moving and challenging their bodies and mind. Students are required to bring their own Yoga mats
  • Kids Who Cook DWES Fall 2

    Kids Who Cook offers fun, hands-on cooking and food preparation classes for children grades K-5. Following kid approved and chef-inspired recipes, students will use healthy, plant-based, and locally sourced food to create their culinary masterpieces. Research shows that children who are engaged in preparing their own snacks and meals are more likely to try different food varieties and combinations, choose healthy alternatives, Have an increased awareness of the nutrition in every day foods and learn the basics of food and snack preparation and sanitation. Each week students will follow a guided chef's presentation to make and eat their own snacks. All food and materials will be provided and students will receive a copy of the recipe to replicate at home. When possible, we use fresh, organic, and locally sourced food items. While many of our dishes are sugar free, gluten free, and nut free, there is a chance that all students may be exposed to any of these items during class. Please contact Eden Peterson at edenpeter@yahoo.com if you are interested in purchasing an apron for the class.
  • Silly Science - Ooey Gooey Slippery Slime DWES Fall 2

    Cause and effect experiments can be great fun! Students will unlock the mysteries of science while following scientific methods. Gravity and chemical reactions are only a few of the ways students can create amazing affects while using SAFE household items. Please have your child wear clothes that can get dirty or pack a big shirt to wear over their clothes. Science, messy and fun go hand in hand as things fizz, erupt, collapse and pop in this exciting class!
  • Young Rembrandts DWES Fall 2

    Young Rembrandts’ mission is to encourage creativity, technique, and joy in the artistic process by offering a unique, step-by-step method that successfully teaches children how to draw. Students will focus on art techniques, as well as cartooning. This is a great class for beginning artists, for those who want to improve their drawing skills and for all who love to draw! While Young Rembrandts classes are structured and educational, children have fun producing drawings worthy of framing. Lessons from previous years are not repeated. New and returning students are welcome. All materials provided. For more information about Young Rembrandts, please visit our website at www.youngrembrandts.com or call (602) 955-DRAW. All registrations go through the ECS Office
  • Young Rembrandts DWES Preschool Fall 2

    Young Rembrandts for Preschool students helps develop fine motor skills, time on task and other kindergarten readiness skills. A fun way to learn! All new lessons are coming up this session in Young Rembrandts’ PRESCHOOL classes. Inspire your child’s imaginative spirit and bolster educational skills that will benefit them all year long. All materials provided. For more information about Young Rembrandts, please visit our website at www.youngrembrandts.com Contact information: (602) 955-DRAW. All registrations go through ECS. The link to online registration can be found at www.ecsforall.org. Instructor: Miriam Pissas